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The following is a list of campsites along the Connecticut River. Click on the name of the access point to view it on a map. Note that those seeking to explore locations north of Canaan, Vermont, should plan to do so on day trips, as portages have not been developed between the lakes or the challenging rapids one finds in the headwaters region.
Access Point River mile Site Description City Province Site Status
Deer Mountain Campground 409 Drive-in access from Route 3. Just south of the Canadian border, this 25-site primitive campground is located in Connecticut Lakes State Forest. Pittsburg New Hampshire Open
Lake Francis State Park 387.5 Drive-in access from Route 3. In the Great North Woods this lakefront park offers 45 sites for tent camping as well as some two-way hookups. The park offers excellent base for fishing, wildlife viewing and kayaking. Pittsburg New Hampshire Open
Holbrook Point 361.1 Holbrook Point is a beautiful campsite situated under a canopy of silver maples on the edge of a floodplain forest. It is situated at a bend in the river, about 1.3 miles south of the Colebrook Bridge. Lemington Vermont Open
Columbia Campsite 359.3 Quiet campsite on edge of field. Columbia New Hampshire Open
Lyman Falls (NH) 350.7

A campsite has been developed for paddlers' on an island immediately across the river from Lyman Falls State Park and just upstream of the breached dam at Lyman Falls.

Columbia New Hampshire Open
Lyman Falls State Park 350.6 Several campsites below breached dam. River and foot access only. Bloomfield Vermont Open
Belknap Campsite 347.7 Small campsite, accessable by paddling or lining a boat slightly upstream on the Nulhegan River, just past the Rt 102 bridge. Foot access possible on a short trail behind a Northern Forest Canoe Trail kiosk. Campsite situated on the river's north shore. Bloomfield Vermont Open
Maine Central Railroad Trestle 340.8 Beautiful campsite maintained by the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, conserved through the efforts of Bruce and Mary Sloat. The site is immediately downstream of granite railroad trestle, on the Vermont side. Brunswick Vermont Open
Samuel Benton Campsite 333.9 The campsite is situated in a grove of trees on a sandy bluff, at the edge of a field, on privately owned farmland. Maidstone Vermont Open
Scott C. Devlin Memorial Campsite 324.3 Situated in a shady stand of pines about two miles below the confluence of the Upper Ammonusooc, after the river makes a tight 180 degree turn near 102. Maidstone Vermont Open
South Guildhall Campsite 317.4 Beautiful campsite situated in floodplain forest, with great views of the White Mountains. Guildhall Vermont Open
Beaver Trails Campground 313.2 Private riverside campground. Caters to RVs, but grassy meadow provided for tent camping. For reservations and info call 888-788-3815 or visit Lancaster New Hampshire Open
Gilman Dam Portage Campsite 301.7 Camping allowed in grassy field along portage trai. No amenities. Gilman New Hampshire Open
Dalton Primitive Campsite 298.8

Located just north of high tension line that crosses the narrow, north arm of the reservoir, on the New Hampshire side.

Gilman New Hampshire Open
Moore Primitive Campsite 289.9 Recently established campsite for paddlers only. Features include five tent platforms, picnic tables, and fire rings. No toilet facilities (yet) but one can walk about 1/4 mile downriver on the trail to the boatramp and use its porta potty. Remember, like most of the CT River campsites - this is to be accessed from the river only. Littleton New Hampshire Open
Stevenson Campsite 280.2 Located on a shady river terrace on the New Hampshire side of the river, across from the north end of Stevens Island. Vermont Open
Stephan's Island 274

Peaceful island with sandy beach, towering pines, and rocky knoll.

Monroe New Hampshire Open
Fiddlehead Island 273.5 A peaceful campsite is located on the third wooded island in reach between McIndoe Falls and Dodge Falls. New Hampshire Open
Dodge Falls Campsite 272.4 Small campsite at the portage of Ryegate Dam, about .5 miles north of Dodge Falls. New Hampshire Open
Howard Island Campsite 265 In Haverhill, about 2 miles below the Woodsville Bridge. The northern campsite is located at the northeast end of this island with access on a moderately-sloped cobblestone bank. The southern campsite is at the southwestern corner of the island. Woodsville New Hampshire Closed for the season
Horse Meadow 262

Campsite located above a high, steep, slippery bank on the outside of a river bend. Not currently maintained - use at your own risk.

North Haverhill Vermont Open
Harkdale Farm Campsite 259 Access on Vermont side at second large oxbow downstream of Howard Island, across from high eroding sand bank that meets small brook with fallen trees. Newbury Vermont Closed for the season
Vaughan Meadow Campsite 253.2 Located on the Vermont side one mile below the old Bedell Bridge abutment. Located on a wooded bank after the river turns from SE to S, a few hundred yards north of the Bradford line. South Newbury Vermont Closed for the season
Bugbee Landing Campsite 248.8

The school allows camping in a mowed area adjacent to the boat launch.

Bradford Vermont Open
Underhill Campsite 245.6 Past Bug's Island. Located at the mouth of Eastman Brook, before the river veers west. Piermont New Hampshire Closed for the season
Pastures Campground 239.5 Private campground with hot showers, dishwashing facilities, w-fi, and more. Learn more at Orford New Hampshire Open
Birch Meadow Campsite 237.8 Two miles below the arch bridge, on a low wooded point just above the marshland at the outlet of Lake Morey. Ely Vermont Closed for the season
Roaring Brook Campsite 235.3 Grassy site between two brooks. The stairs were lost in the October 2010 floods. The take out has been moved to the upstream brook to prevent further bank erosion on the downstream banks. Ely Vermont Closed for the season
Patchen's Point 223.9

A pleasant and roomy camping spot nestled in a grove of White Pines north of Hanover.

Norwich Vermont Open
Gilman Island Campsite 220.4 Large group campsite on the south tip of the island. Hanover New Hampshire Open
Burnaps Island Campsite 212.1 Located about 3 miles below the mouth of the Mascoma River and the I-89 bridge at West Lebanon, and just above the mouth of the Ottauquechee River. Access is from the west side of the island, on the main channel. Plainfield New Hampshire Closed for the season
Burnham Meadow Campsite 205.3 Located on the Vermont side four miles below Sumner’s Falls, 1 mile below Hart Island, and 3 miles above the Windsor-Cornish covered bridge. On an elevated bench just south of Bashan Brook, where the river bends to the east. Take out is about 50 yards south of Bashan Brook. Windsor Vermont Closed for the season
Path of Light Garden Campsites 205

The Path of Life Garden offers unique camping opportunities, with deluxe three-room Outfitter Tents in the Path of Life Garden that sleep six people each on cots. By reservation only.

Windsor Vermont Open
Wilgus State Park Campground 196.3 Just past the mouth of the Sugar River, NH. Steep and muddy takeout. Ascutney Vermont Open
SCA Campsite 189.5 Two miles below Hubbard Island. Managed by the Student Conservation Association, who occasionally may use the site for short durations in the summer to house crews. First come, first served basis or call ahead for large group reservation requests. Contact Vallerie Bailey - or (603) 504-3264. Charlestown New Hampshire Open
Lower Meadow Campsite 177.6 Designed for one-night stays by nonmotorized boaters. South Charlestown New Hampshire Open
Westminster Campsite 172.1

Small campsite at mouth of Morse Brook, beneath a stand of silver maples.

Westminster Vermont Closed for the season
Windyhurst Campsite 165.1 A primitive campsite open to the public, only for nonmotorized boats. Walpole New Hampshire Open
Wantastiquet Campsite 148 Primitive campsite that accomodates small groups of canoeists and kayakers. Brattleboro Vermont Open
Stebbins Island Campsite 142.5 Located .8 mile downstream of Vernon Dam. Vernon Vermont Open
Munn's Ferry Campsite 128

Munns Ferry in Northfield is a small camping area for boaters and canoeists only. Tent sites are $22/night and the Adirondack shelter is $30/night.

Northfield Massachusetts Open
Barton Cove Campground 118

Located on a rocky peninsula jutting into the Connecticut River, Barton Cove is an ideal place to take a day trip or camp for the week.

Gill Massachusetts Closed for the season
Hatchery Brook Primitive Campsite 115.5

Scenic paddler accessible campsite, developed in 2016.

Montague Massachusetts Closed for the season
Whately Oaks Primitive Campsite 105.5

Features two tent platforms and a privy. Suitable for large groups.

Whately Massachusetts Closed for the season
River Highlands State Park 35.5

State park with two campsites for paddlers on one-night stays. Reservations required

Rocky Hill Connecticut Open
Hurd State Park 23

A beautiful and quiet campsite offering primitive, riverside sites for individuals traveling on the river.Reservations required

East Hampton Connecticut Open
Gillette Castle State Park Campground 13

A campsite for paddlers nestled within a popular state park, just upstream of a historic ferry. Reservations required

East Haddam Connecticut Open
Selden Neck State Park - Cedars Camp Area 11

Nestled in a calm backwater on the north end of scenic Seldom Neck State Park. Reservations required .

Connecticut Open
Selden Neck - Hogback Camp Area 10.5

Popular primitive campsite for paddlers and boaters. Reservations required

Connecticut Open
Selden Neck - Springledge Campsite 10

A popular and scenic campsite for boaters. Reservations required

Connecticut Closed for the season
Selden Neck State Park: Quarry Knob Campsite 9.75

Primitive campsite nestled beneath a scenic rock outcrop. Popular with boaters. Reservations required

Connecticut Open