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Unless otherwise agreed, You are responsible for paying return shipment costs to Us if Goods are returned for this reason. Refunds will be issued within 7 calendar days and in any event no later than 14 calendar days after you inform Us that you wish to cancel under this provision and will include standard delivery charges. We regret that additional costs such as express delivery and gift wrapping cannot be refunded.. After everything, I ended up finding a medium wallet that offers a good amount of space and that zips shut. True to form, awesome stitch work and you can feel the quality of the leather. Once the discount was applied, it came to about $70 after taxes which is OK with me since I know I getting my monies worth. Women have had it easy in this one area, Coach Outlet Online Store as the handbag/purse makes it easy to schlep all your crap around, but men have been relegated to either stuffing their pockets, like Kramer in the episode of Seinfeld with the calzone he tried paying for in change, or we been subjected to messenger bags, which are really for dossiers, computers, and work or school (too big for being out and about on the town) or Coach Outlet Store Online knapsacks, which I haven used since the 6th grade. They had the most perfect men carryalls, and Coach Diaper Bag to boot, they were 40% off, with an additional 50% off (the special savings that day). The salesman was very nice and helpful, and had a calculator in hand to help us calculate the cost of our purchases post discount, and I settled on an olive green and black bag with the softest leather ever! All of my Coach Outlet Online day to day belongings fit in it, and I use it proudly. Returns are money Coach Outlet Store back and will not include any shipping (to and/or from), unless it is seller's error. Items returned w/o tags, smoke smell, or any flaws will not be refunded or may face additional charges. Buyer MUST accept mutual cancellation or pay final value fees. I was looking for a kick ass laptop bag that offered expandability and customization. I bought this bag, then strapped on about 5 more molle bags for my must have field technician gear. The included laptop sleeve carries my backup docking station and an extra slice battery, as I already have a nice hybrid tablet holder for my laptop. Once I discovered the many Cuban eateries I grew to enjoy my visits a great deal more. Cleveland lacks Cuban but Puerto Rican food shares many techniques and ingredients. Nary a month goes by I am not at one of the widely scattered PR restaurants in NE Ohio. Value World as it called now is a great place to bargain shop. Just be prepared to spend upwards of two hours finding decent clothing. I try Coach Outlet Online to avoid going on the weekends and directly before Halloween as those are when it is busiest. Things tend to sell quite well here and my most recent consignments made me over $100. I think that the Breslin staff and owner know merchandise very well and lists items at fair prices instead of marking them way down. This is a good place to send that Coach purse you received last holiday that isn your style at all. I bought it because of the water resistant property alone. Since the bag was advertised as waterproof and it is not I have to rate it down. However, the bag is over nice quality and stylish. But I did have a car and a pocket full of cash. This is when I met Miss Kiesha. Now let me tell you about my new found friend. Our Math teacher Mr. Doinker was terrified of her. The whole School was in check when Ki Ki walked in.