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Millers River Watershed Council

Miller River Watershed Council (MRWC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the lands and waters of the Miller River watershed for the benefit of all its inhabitants, human and wild. MRWC educates area residents about local watershed issues and works in all areas and tributaries within the basin.

MRWC organizes a variety of volunteer activities to engage the public in stewardship, monitoring, and river protection. MRWC also sponsors river discovery through paddling trips and Blue Trails.

MRWC works collaboratively with state, federal, municipal , local business, and conservation groups to formulate and implement watershed friendly policies.

MRWC is developing the Millers River Blue Trail (MRBT), which runs between Cass Meadow in Athol and River Front Park in Orange. A Blue Trail Guide with map and information on points of interest can be downloaded from their website.

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