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Underhill Campsite

Site Description: 
Past Bug's Island. Located at the mouth of Eastman Brook, before the river veers west.
More Info: 
The site, on the edge of a small bog, hosts a composting toilet and a fire ring. Since this is a popular campsite, do your part by following the "Leave No Trace" principles. A farmer actively utilized the field behind the campsite - please stay with-in the campsite boundaries.


Piermont, NH
United States
43° 58' 3.1584" N, 72° 5' 28.5108" W
River mile: 
Distance to Next Campsite: 
Max Group Size: 
Land Owner: 
Town of Piermont, NH
Site Type: 
Offical Campsite
Site Status: 
Closed for the season
Site Adopter Needed?: 
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