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Explorations Along The Upper Connecticut River

We had a great trip! First day, Canaan to Colebrook, second day Bloomfield to Maidstone, third day Maidstone to Guildhall. (no water was as challenging as the junkyard rapids near Waterbury, but we purposely didn't do the Colebrook to Bloomfield stretch.) Lots of eagles, mergansers, sandpipers, Canada geese and no other paddlers. A fabulous, longlasting thunderstorm (3 1/2 hours!!!) on our second afternoon and evening cemented our appreciation of being in a state park. The put ins and take outs were well marked. We found the Bloomfield one - A little mouse greeted Molly as she opened the sign-in book there. Someone has bought and is fixing up the Guildhall general store building which will hopefully help that area be more friendly to travelers. There was nowhere in that town to buy a soda! Otherwise we are enamored of our river and all that you have done to make paddling accessible.
Starting Location: 
Canaan, VT
Days On Water: 
Hazards and Stewardship Needs: 
The notebook was gone from the Guildhall sign in place. The wooden cover that comes down to protect the notebook also looked pretty beat up.

Question about your trip

Hello, I was wondering if you could tell me a little more about your trip. How was the river flow for you on these days? Is 14-15 miles in one day doable without total exertion? Was looking to do a trip from where you started and ending at mile 310. I was hoping that covering 3 miles per hour was something feasible. Your trip seemed fun!