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Below are recommended trips and their durations. All durations are approximate and are dependent on weather, paddler's ability, group size, water levels etc. To view more information about each section click on the trip title to learn more about the trip.

Familiar with the river? Recommend a trip!

Region: The Great North Woods
Trip Trip Length (Days) Summary
Bloomfield to Maidstone Day trip Scenic 10-mile trip with splendid mountain views.
Guildhall to Dalton 2-3 day trip

A lazy, two day trip along a placid and rural section of the river.

Canaan to Gilman 4+ day trip

Explore the wildest portions of the Connecticut River as it meanders through extensive floodplain forests, agricultural valleys, with excellent fishing, primitive camping, and mountain views.

Colebrook or Canaan to Maidstone 2-3 day trip

Three days in the north country, staying at two of the finest campsites on the river.

Bloomfield to Lancaster 2-3 day trip A good option for a multi day trip in the north country, with reliable waters all season long.
Lyman Falls Overnight 2-3 day trip

Campsites in a secluded river valley adjacent to some of the best trout fishing in the region.

Region: The Upper Valley
Trip Trip Length (Days) Summary
East Ryegate to Hanover 4+ day trip

51 portage free river miles in the Upper Valley.

Watson ParK to North Star Landing 2-3 day trip Great two-day trip with easy logistics arranged by North Star Canoe Rentals.Includes Sumner Falls exploration.
Woodsville to Bradford 2-3 day trip Easy 3 day family paddle with great sights, swimming and campsites. We camped at Harkdale and Vaughn woods. We paddled for 2-3 hours each day with 2 families each with 2 young kiddos.
Region: The Pioneer Valley (MA)
Trip Trip Length (Days) Summary
Pioneer Valley Day Trip Day trip

Explore a quiet section of the Connecticut River in Massachusett's Pioneer Valley

Region: The Lower River and Tidelands (CT)
Trip Trip Length (Days) Summary
Seldon Neck overnight 2-3 day trip

Camp in the scenic Seldon Neck State Park and spend a couple days explore the many bays and coves the river's mouth has to offer.

Hurd State Park Overnight 2-3 day trip

A downriver paddle through a placid and scenic stretch of the river in Connecticut away from the hustle and bustle that characterizes its lower reaches.