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Thru Paddle

I am planning a Ct River thru paddle starting the last week of September. I'm looking for suggestions and tips. Not sure how long it will take, how many miles a day to plan for and which spots are good to re-supply. Thanks, Andy

Kayaking? Two weeks at least. Days will be shorter cutting into you travel time. You can go with minimal food. There is usually a place to eat every day and one big meal a day will work. (Plus snacks aboard your boat.) Carry water unless you have a very good filter. Camping gets more difficult the further south you get, but that's not until CT.

Thanks for your reply - very helpful! I'll actually be using a lightweight pack canoe, Swift 13.6, 26 lbs., using a kayak paddle.

We did the through paddle in May and a summary of our trip:
Hope this helps your planning and paddling adventure. We packed food and did not see 'a place to eat every day' especially on the upper river; we had 1 resupply in 9.5 days. A difference in flow rate can change river conditions from what we experienced. Good luck!