Mao Corrections

The following is a list of trail updates and corrections to the 2nd Edition version of the CT Paddlers Trail Map (published in 2017).

Reach 7: The Horse Meadow Campsite is now reopened! It is situated on the NH shore, just below a small island across from the feature labelled as "The Great Oxbow"

Reach 8:
-The Burnap's Island Campsite is incorrectly shown as being on the NH shore. It is actually on the island (land on the southern tip)
- The GPS coordinates listed for the Bugbee Island Campsite are incorrect, although the location on the map is accurate. The correct coordinates for campsite - a simple mowed area near the boat launch - is at 43.996057°, -72.123563°

Reach 10: A railroad bridge south of Brattleboro and north of the Wantastiquet Campsite is not shown on the map, but exists. It is near the terminus of the Fort Hill Branch Rail Trail.