Riverfront Recapture

Riverfront Recapture is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to improving central Connecticut’s quality of life and urban vitality through cultural events, entertainment, group sports and recreation in a welcoming environment along the banks of the Connecticut River, as well as ongoing efforts to protect and maintain the Riverfront and make more of it accessible to the public.

Riverfront Recapture works to connect people to the river, get them back in touch with nature within an urban environment, and provide them with experiences they might not otherwise have. Since 1981, Riverfront has led the effort to revitalize the banks of the Connecticut River in Hartford and East Hartford. The organization has transformed the Riverfront from an overgrown area that was walled off by flood dikes and cut off by Interstate 91 into four public parks connected by riverwalks.

Craig Merchant
860) 713-3131