With hundreds of access points and over 50 primitive campsites, the Connecticut River provides a unique experience to paddle through the heart of New England. The Connecticut River Paddlers’ Trail is a series of primitive campsites and river access points from its headwaters in New Hampshire’s Great North Woods south to Long Island Sound. A variety of organizations assist with trail planning and development. With the support of the community, work continues to protect the river corridor, construct new campsites and portage trails, and expand the Paddlers’Trail from source to sea.

Take Action For Your River

Each October, sewage treatment plants north of Old Saybrook are no longer required to disinfect wastewater until May of the following year.

We know that river users stay active on the rivers well into October and get out on rivers each spring before disinfection begins in May. We need a longer disinfection period in Connecticut. So what can be done about it?

Available Sites

Volunteers are the core of the trail. We are looking for help monitor and maintain the following sites. If you are interested in adopting the site, please contact the partner organization associated with the site. Thank you!