Marathon Trip (26.2 miles) from Windsor, VT to Rockingham, VT

Starting Location: 
Windsor, VT
Days On The River: 

This weekend I paddled with a small crew of Windsor Boy Scouts, starting at the Burnham Meadow Campsite in Windsor, VT, 26.2 miles down to the Herricks Cove Boat Ramp in Rockingham, VT.

Seven of us (5 boys and 2 adults) stayed overnight at both Burnham Meadow Campsite and the SCA Campsite.

Both sites were in great shape and we had the sites to ourselves.

<ul><li><strong>Burnham Meadow Campsite</strong> - The previous occupants had left some split logs and kindling in the fire ring, not quite ready to use (needed tinder and smaller sticks) but a really welcome surprise. We didn't use it, but left it for the next campers. They also left TP in the mailbox. The latrine was reasonably clean and we found (and took) minimal trash left by previous campers. The only thing this site needs is a good tree to hang a "bear bag" overnight. We used one at the entrance but it felt strange to have it in sight of passersby on the river.

<li><strong>SCA Campsite</strong> - Also extremely clean and inviting, except for the long stairway up to the site! That was painful after a 15 mile paddle! Note that this site does not allow open campfires. So we used our backpacking stoves plus a BioLite wood-burning backpacking stove. We mostly used the large tent platforms for communal area plus one tent, with the rest of the tents on already-compressed ground, reasoning that we weren't compacting additional areas. Between that and spreading the wood ashes from the wood stove, we believe we followed LNT rules well.

My only I wish for the SCA Campsite would be that the river sign for this site was more easily visible from up the river, as we had to hunt for it a while. It would just take some tree pruning to make it so you didn't have to be on top of it to find.

Being a Boy Scout troop, we also cleaned up a bunch of trash along the river, including tires, a TV, bottles, etc.

<strong>Our thanks</strong> to all who worked to provide and maintain these sites (UVLT and SCA).

Stewardship needs: