pittsburg to mass. steve and jack

Starting Location: 
pittsburg to canaan half day low water. started at canaan on 20th june , finished vernon dam just north mass. line.
Days On The River: 

we started with half day from' pittsburg covered bridge to canaan vt.no gear shallow water. day 1 june 20th left canaan vt. to maine central RR trestle. lyman falls run on n.h. side. Day 2 Lancaster bridge, beaver trails campground. showers & food. Day 3 moore dam primitive site,just south of moore dam n.h. side.nice campsite. Day 4 raining all afternoon and going to rain all next day so had a friend pick us up at Mcindoe falls dam.stayed the next day. Day 5 on river left Mcindoe dam, camp sites were filling up, so we found a island quiet and north of bugbee landing.Day 6 stayed at gilman island, south of hanover.nice campsite.Day 7 to wilgus state park camp ground.showers, bathrooms & were abile to get to store.good site. Day 8 Dunshee island, south of bellow falls.bellow falls portage about 2 miles called taxi no answer. seen flyer on building " Adventure Trek usa.com." 802-591-0328 talked to eric,and Adam was there in 10 min.Great help stop in town for sandwich & surplys. adam was great help us unload & off we were. highly recommend. Day 9 vernon dam just north of mass. line. had my brother pick us up, it was a great time lots of wildlife 20+ eagles,moose,deer,beaver,muskrats.

Stewardship needs: