William Schomburg Memorial Recreational Area at Lyman Falls


NH 44° 46' 39.0252" N, 71° 35' 42.6048" W
New Hampshire

A campsite has been developed for paddlers' on an island immediately across the river from Lyman Falls State Park and just upstream of the breached dam at Lyman Falls.
Land on the south-west side of the island, adjacent to the breached dam, and follow path to a large clearing with picnic table and fire ring. A box privy is located 100' up a path to the north.
This site was revitalized in 2018, during a workday in honor of William Schomburg, a long-time Columbia resident who helped conserve this land.

Maximum Group Size: 
Suitable for large groups
River Mile (Sea To Source): 
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We stopped here this week with intention to camp. But it the grass in the camping area was fairly tall. So much so that after checking where the privy was I had 5 ticks on me, then another 4 when I walked down to the river.
Pretty site by the river and a site brook.