Munn's Ferry Campsite


MA 42° 39' 2.0736" N, 72° 27' 59.6232" W

Small camping area for boaters and canoeists only. Tent sites are $22/night and the Adirondack shelter is $30/night.

River Mile (Sea To Source): 
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GregBW's picture

This is a nice little campground with 4 tent sites and 1 Adirondack Shelter. It is open only to boaters. There were thunderstorms around when I showed up here and saw the sign that said reservations were required. There's a number you can call to make a reservation, but according to the sign, you have to call Wednesday - Friday during business hours. I called on a Saturday and had no problem getting a reservation and paying over the phone. Each tent site includes a gravel bed for the tent, a picnic table, a fire pit and a grill. A bundle of firewood is also included. There is a privy building, but no running water or power.