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Wyoming Dam Access


United States
44° 33' 50.7816" N, 71° 33' 33.0804" W
Vermont US
Site Description: 

The breached Wyoming Dam is a hazard due to rebar jutting into the river. A take out is located immediately upstream on the Vermont side. A portage trail takes paddlers acros Route 105 to a put-in downstream of the dam. Land by stone steps above bridge. At high water, it is possible to take-out slightly upstream in a small cove. Follow trail up steps, across Route 102, and down to sandy beach. Please be considerate of adjacent landowners and stay on the portage trail.

Site Steward: 
Town of Guildhal
River Mile (Sea To Source): 
More information: 

There is room to park one vehicle along Route 105. Otherwise, park vehicles by County Court House

Overnight Parking?: