Patch Park


United States
43° 15' 12.6216" N, 72° 26' 1.5036" W
New Hampshire US
Site Description: 

Expansive, grassy picnic area and playing field with a unimproved ramp that accommodates small boats.

River Mile (Sea To Source): 


GregBW's picture

I stopped for lunch here in July of 2019 during a long kayak trip. As of the present time, there are a couple gaps in the vegetation which allow river access. The first of the 2 gaps has a little staircase. There are picnic tables nearby, so it is a nice place to stop for lunch, but the parking area would be a long distance to carry a boat, so it's not a practical place to launch. It looked like they used to have a ramp and dock, but decided to discontinue, so they pulled the dock in, let the weeds grow over the ramp, and put up a fence to block vehicle access.