Canal Park (South Hadley Canoe Ramp)


United States
42° 13' 24.5892" N, 72° 36' 32.7816" W
Massachusetts US
Site Description: 

A small park with a seasonal dock that serves as a takeout above the dam.

River Mile (Sea To Source): 


GregBW's picture

I took my boat out here in August 2019 after a journey from White River Junction Vermont, and then took an Amtrak train back up to my car. There is in fact river access here, but from the water all you see is a few small gaps in the vegetation in a wild area. These lead to a path (turn left) that leads to a footbridge and up to a gravel road with a little parking lot. On the other side of the gravel road is the backyard of a condominium complex, so it will look like you're walking up into someone's backyard. There was no sign of a dock any more. At first I noticed the gap in the vegetation but kept heading down the river, hoping to find something more like a boat launch and ended up being late for my train. Fortunately, the train was later than I was. On the plus side, this is a great place to stash your boat or gear in the bushes. I'm not sure many locals are aware of its existence.