Hadlyme Ferry Boat Launch


United States
41° 25' 13.9296" N, 72° 25' 42.2832" W
Connecticut US
Site Description: 

An unimproved ramp, car top only, just upstream of the Hadlyme ferry and Gillette Caste State Park.

River Mile (Sea To Source): 


The Chester–Hadlyme ferry could be a seasonal ferry crossing the Connecticut River between the city of Chester, Connecticut and also the village of Hadlyme (in the city of Lyme, Connecticut). it's the second oldest unceasingly operational ferry service within the state of Connecticut and could be a selected state historical landmark. The ferry is a component of the scenic portion of Route 148 and provides a convenient link between 2 of Connecticut's traveller attractions: Gillette Castle State Park in Hadlyme and also the essay help UK county Steam Train, that runs between county and Chester.