Thru Paddle

I am planning a Ct River thru paddle starting the last week of September. I'm looking for suggestions and tips. Not sure how long it will take, how many miles a day to plan for and which spots are good to re-supply. Thanks, Andy

Kayaking? Two weeks at least. Days will be shorter cutting into you travel time. You can go with minimal food. There is usually a place to eat every day and one big meal a day will work. (Plus snacks aboard your boat.) Carry water unless you have a very good filter. Camping gets more difficult the further south you get, but that's not until CT.

Thanks for your reply - very helpful! I'll actually be using a lightweight pack canoe, Swift 13.6, 26 lbs., using a kayak paddle.

We did the through paddle in May and a summary of our trip:
Hope this helps your planning and paddling adventure. We packed food and did not see 'a place to eat every day' especially on the upper river; we had 1 resupply in 9.5 days. A difference in flow rate can change river conditions from what we experienced. Good luck!

Was unable to make the Source to Sea trip last fall, however have planned the trip for this June. Will arrive in Pittsburg, NH on June 11th for 2 days of exploring the CT lakes. Will depart Cannon, VT on June 13th. Looking to do 23 to 30 miles per day. Hope to bump into more paddlers enjoying the river.