Kid and dog friendly

Hi. My fiance and I did a 24 mile trip along the river last year and camped out along the Northern most part of the river. It was fantastic! We'd like to do a similar trip this year with the kids. We have a 14 year old (paddling solo) nd 5 year old (riding tandem) so were not thinking a long trip. Maybe something to camp the night where we put in, paddle a few miles, camp again and then paddle to our take out point. Just nothing too far because I doubt we can hold the 5 year old attention too long. It also needs to be dog friendly. I'd like to stay along the NH section but am open to any and all suggestions you may have. Thank you.

Nice to read you enjoyed our northern section of the river last year! I do shuttle folks along this section, so happy to help if need be. I also have a private campsite on the NH side at just about mile marker 52 (across from the Lemington Access point) pn the Paddlers Map. My phone is 603-237-4544 or cell 802-274-7634 or email at If you were to put in the river in Colebrook, paddle a bit to say... the Columbia campsite, spend the night, and next day paddle to either Columbia Bridge or a bit further to the Lemington access point. This trip generally can be done in approx. 3 -4 hours total and is mainly easy water. Stacey