Chicopee to Hartford

Starting Date: 
Monday, May 27, 2019
Starting Location: 
Jones Ferry Road (north of JF river access)
Days On The River: 

Dropped off at Jones Ferry Road in Chicopee - no problem hiking kayak (12' Neckie) over dike, but would recommend Jones Ferry River Access point instead; parking limited on JF Road.

Warm & sunny on Monday. All fairly smooth until going under 190 bridge (Hazardville?); signs on the bridge for "Dam danger 400 ft" got my attention - didn't see anything on the map about that. Turned out to be fast water with rapids and fun, but some type of hydro power on the West side (right side) causing increased speed. I stayed far left.

3hrs, 20min journey to Kings Island (Enfield, CT) to camp. Bear left at fork in river at island, get close to shore and take caution finding the camp sign because if you miss it and go too far past, the current will make it tough for you to backtrack. Current is strong around both sides of island.

Suggestions for next AMC crew for this camp: 1.) Construct trail or stair case from tent platforms to privy. To get to the privy you scale straight up a steep hill slippery with leaves, could be some wipe-outs in the middle of the night (or day) if you're not careful. 2.) Someone built a small fire ring right close to the first tent platform in the middle of dry leaves. Would make sense to make a "community" area closer to the river with larger & safer fire pit and logs to sit on, plus those who want to socialize will be further from the platforms.

Took an hour to walk the perimeter of the island, nice walk. Lots of dead hemlocks. A couple of unofficial camp sites at the far end of the island (closest to bridge). Beaver activity around island. Mosquitoes were off the charts the whole time I was there, perhaps due to high water levels. Mosquito head net came in handy. No other visitors Monday night that I was aware of.

Day 2 uneventful, and river slows waaayyy down the closer you get to Hartford. Still made good time at 2hrs & 45min from the island to the Hartford Boat House. Landed in time to avoid the cold rain that came later on Tuesday. Interesting journey, and it was the right amount of time for me since this was my first overnight on the CT River and I allowed myself plenty of time.

Stewardship needs: 
Fast water under 190 bridge, mosquitoes on Kings Island, walking to/from privy