Orford to Wilgus State Park

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Hi all,
I'm planning a trip in late June/early July for a several days trip from around Orford to Wilgus State Park.
I've paddled from Sumner to Wilgus in the past with young kids and loved this stretch of the river.

I may only have one car for this trip, so I'm looking for a shuttle or a paddling partner.
I was planning on taking about 3 days to do this stretch (taking it easy), with plenty of time to fish and play around.

If anyone is interested in helping or joining, just let me know.

Hi. I'm sure you know, but with young kids, I'd be careful of paddling Sumner Falls - maybe portage around? Also, in the stretch between Orford and Sumner, there is a portage around the Wilder Dam. Have fun!

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Yes, I know about Sumner Falls. I wouldn't paddle that in my canoe loaded with camping gear - kids or no kids. And I'm scouting out the other portages.
Thanks for the heads up.