Water flow


Hi all, I have a canoe trip planned for September 20th thru 22nd putting in at Colebrook NH and was wondering if anyone has info on water levels for present and the next couple weeks?
Thank you


Try this web site to get water level height and discharge. I believe there is a gauging station in North Stratford. There are more scattered down river.


Check this out... there are gaging stations in North Stratford and Dalton... N Stratford should be somewhat helpful.

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It really depends on what mother nature brings. This just in from a recent paddler: "We just paddled Canaan to Columbia campsite on Sunday and Columbia to Lyman on Monday of on the long weekend and if it hadn’t rained all day on the Monday we would have had to carry through some of the shallower rapids between Columbia and Lyman"

Looking at the USGS gauge in North Stratford, the river was at around 420 CFS on Saturday and Sunday of that weekend, and jumped to 1500 on Monday afternoon.

When I paddled the stretch in late September last year in was around 800 CFS. I was able to get through in an unloaded canoe, but it was quite a bit of rock dodging below Lyman Falls.

Based on this, you should expect to have to get out now and then if the river is below ~600 CFS. Repost after your trip so we can help others!

Thanks, Noah, for the info, especially the cfs levels!