Paddle trip to escape the virus?

I want to do a week on the river. I want to get away from people right now. I have solo canoe that is itching for a solo canoe camping trip.

My wife thinks it is a bad idea, that getting there and back is the dangerous part. That seems logical to me.

Does anyone know if the river is open? Are campsites closed? Are they even closable? Does anyone think my wife is right and I should just stay home?


As a long time paddler and former public health researcher, I don't see added risk in going for a paddle now, it's exactly what I am thinking of doing, a few days on a local river as areas North are still in ice. Now I wouldn't want to dispute with your wife so some of the 'risks' to consider
1. it is early in the season so water temps are cold, how experienced are you? you don't really want to swim now or if you do want to be prepared to get out, dry and warm quickly, maybe choose a route you are familiar with
2. Have you solo tripped before? have proper equipment?
Don't put yourself into situation where you need first responders, they have a lot of other things to deal with at the moment and you may not be rescued if needed. As far as getting to put in and take out, how are you going to be at any additional risk? Will you see people on the way there?

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Please see this page for evolving guidance on paddling during the pandemic:

We did a through paddle in May and I thought that was at the earliest safe paddle time for the Connecticut River (especially the north end). In the morning we could barely unclip the tent poles because our hands were so cold. We had to force ourselves back on the river so that the paddling could warm us up. I wore a wet suit because the water temperature was so cold. In mid May. Mostly at the north end but even further south in many of the stretches you go miles between places where you can get off the river.
Plus consider the good advice about avoiding needing emergency help with the world distracted by the virus.
I get the appeal of getting away but it is too early in the year for the Connecticut River and will be for a while. Find a forest, go for a hike.