North Walpole to Putney Landing

Starting Date: 
Saturday, September 26, 2020
Starting Location: 
North Walpole Lower Boat Access
Days On The River: 

Great time of year for the paddle! Allison & I got on the river late - probably around 6pm after setting up our car shuttle. With this in mind, we paddled about a mile to the Westminster campsite (20 minutes). Great campsite, things were in good shape - small fire ring by the water, one great tent pad, ample opportunities to hang hammocks, and a small shovel.

Day 2 included a paddle downriver to Dummerston Boat Launch (Putney Landing) - per the GPS 13.4 miles, 4:55 moving time. We stopped about a mile from the takeout for lunch and a quick swim. Water is getting cold!

Overall a fantastic trip. Quiet river, and foliage is starting to turn!

Wildlife: A few beavers visited the campsite, one bald eagle, a few herons, one egret (I think it was an egret - far away), lots of hawks overhead. Lots of small birds & grey squirrels as well. Some fish jumping.

Lost and Found: Aluminum tent stakes (a couple orange & most silver in bag, already placed by the map) and prescription eyeglasses (found in a bush, left with the logbook). Removed a few work gloves & spent shotgun shells that were found.

Stewardship needs: 
None to note.