Heavy weeds and maintenance issues at campsites

Burnhap Island Campsite; thick and deep weeds, loads of ticks, needs tending. A good mow would be needed.
Westminster Campsite; completely overgrown with dense weeds, darn near inaccessible.
Hubbard Island Campsite; wonderful site but really hard to get up the steep bank. An aluminum ladder chained to a tree would be a welcome improvement and would hinder erosion from foot traffic.
Lower Meadows; nice site; lots of dense weeds choking the trails and site and ticks galore, privy in disrepair.
Portage at top of Vernon Dam; choked with loads of debris, very difficult to navigate as you must get out of your boat 20 feet from shore to get to the trail. Dangerous stepping on debris and sinking up to your knees.

All constructive observations, no criticism, we are trail maintainers and know that information from users is helpful.