Camp sites not yet open

Hi All. On the listing and info for campsites, it says a lot of them are 'closed for the off-season'. I presume, this just hasn't been updated yet, as we're in the middle of May, and I would think we're now 'in season'. But curious if there's any truth to it.

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Thank you for bringing this up. Having checked the calendar under Campsite Registry, I can see there are groups who registered for campsites so I guess its probably the campsites are closed for services but still open for camping. Seems like there is contact info to each campsite by visiting its campsite's page here on CRPT and look for Site Steward to get the contact info. For instance,

Hope this helps and hope you get some updates. Happy and safe paddling!

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Just checked

Seems there are 8 sites that are closed for the season but the rest are open.

Again, could call the campsite that's closed or the one that's open to find out about the closed ones. Again, best of luck!