Source to Sea paddle June 22


We are anticipating a June 18th launch to begin our through paddle. There are 3-4 people doing the entire river, with others jumping in for a day or two at various points.
Loving the paddlers app and other resources.
We are looking for information on a continuation from LIS into the water ways of NYC. Our goal ultimately would be to reach ground Zero, we would like to paddle as much as possible to the site.
Any resources or information to help navigate this plan?

Thank so much!!!

Best with your trip, I plan on starting approx the 23/24, solo through to the sound. If your schedule holds, you will likely stay ahead of me, I expect to do abot 20- 30 miles a day. The trail app is very good, has a lot of detail, no books to carry.
good travels,

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Sounds like quit a fun adventure!! I hope all went well. Did you complete this? Did you post a trip report? Any video logs? I would love to hear all about this. Thanks..