Hatchery Brook Primitive Campsite

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MA 42° 33' 24.8076" N, 72° 33' 15.5808" W

WARNING - The first landing of the second staircase has a large bees nest under it! Constructed in 2016 by the Appalachian Mountain Club, on land owned by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation.
Accommodates up to 10 campers and four tents on tent platforms. Stays are limited to two consecutive nights. Registration is recommended at: https://goo.gl/kBtFZD. Campers must bring their own water or means of water purification.

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A local guy saw me looking around for this campsite and paddled out to tell me that it's at "the second creek after the train bridge, and there's a staircase in the North bank of the creek." I stopped here to eat lunch. Other than the noise from the railroad yard up river, it's a great site with great stewards. It has a picnic table, a bear box (with a journal, playing cards, toilet paper, etc.), a stairway up the bank, 2 tent platforms, but no privy yet.

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I stayed at this campsite this past summer and enjoyed it a lot. A beaver felled a tree so that it was partially blocking access, but I'm sure the beaver has it cleaned up by now. I have a series of video tours of CT River campsites on my Youtube channel, including this one. I cover Hatchery Brook Campsite, among others, on this video: https://youtu.be/jNmmAYNeA5E?si=lGFqYKOXO3l7PpuZ