Holyoke Rows Campsite


MA 42° 10' 21.5904" N, 72° 37' 47.4168" W

Located at the Holyoke Rows community rowing facility. Campers may set up tents on the lawn in front of the building. Building has bathrooms that can be used by campers. Chairs and picnic tables are located at the facility. No fires. https://holyokerows.org/

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A group of 3 of us spent a night here during our trip from Turners Falls to Thompsonville. It's a bit if a walk uphill. Fortunately, one of our group had an end-cart which made pulling the kayaks up to the camping area much easier. The staff were very friendly and accommodating. They even offered up the locker room showers so we could wash off the sunscreen and sweat. As for the camping area, it was clean and flat. There is not a place to hang a hammock. One of our group pitched his hammock in ground mode to keep the bugs away, one used a Thermacell, and one roughed it. The two that did not pitch their hammocks slept on the porch with ground pads and quilts. it would be awesome to install some posts for hammock campers, but the site is very nice regardless. We had access to the bathroom all night, and there are outdoor outlets to recharge our battery packs. We stayed Friday night into Saturday so the area was very active with rowers Saturday morning. One of those rowers was Andy Fisk, the Director of the CT River Conservancy, We had a nice conversation and he went on to join his rowing crew. Overall, it was a very nice place to camp for the night and I would definitely stay here again.