Lyman Falls Removal Plan

With input from paddlers, anglers, and fisheries biologists, a plan for increasing safety at Lyman Falls has been developed. The plan calls for the removal of dangerous, hidden timber cribbing, rebar, spikes, and an undercut concrete reminant that is an entrapment hazard. However, to maintain the existing pool appreciated by anglers and swimmers, the plan calls for leaving a large concrete slab in place. Boulders will be set upstream of this slab to direct paddlers around the obstacle, as well as to reduce further degradation of the concrete. We expect the removal work to be completed over a week long period during the summer. Please note that during the removal process access to William Schomburg Memorial Recreation Area will be temporarily closed for safety reasons. We will post the construction schedule on this website once finalized

For questions or comments about this project, please contact Ron Rhodes (

Project Engineer: Steve LaFrance, Horizons Engineering


This is good news-Was a timetable for this work developed?

Has this much-needed project started yet?